Owners and developers of Villanueva Industrial Park, continue to be one of Honduras' most respected business institutions. Spanning a wide range of industries, from auto dealerships to real estate holdings, Grupo J business activities date back to 1912. Solid and stable, Grupo J has enjoyed strong long standing relationships with both United States and international corporations for the last sixty years.

In addition to its vast real estate and commercial activities, Grupo J is the principle developer-supporter-operator of Honduras' first accredited private university, The University of San Pedro Sula . In conjunction with The University of San Pedro Sula, Grupo J has developed The Technical Institute of San Pedro Sula, offering a two-year technical degree program and CampusTV the first full digital high definition Television Channel in Honduras (FULL HD TV).

Four generations of family have dedicated themselves to the prosperous business institution - Grupo J - and are equally dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Honduras.

Vision, Innovation, Experience, Integrity

Our Founding owner Jorge Emilio Jaar established early on in his career the necessity to balance vision and innovation with experience and integrity. Over five decades later Grupo J owners and managers of Villanueva Industrial Park continue to adhere to these values which form the foundation of our success.
Our experience as a family owned and operated company has taught us the value of building strong, lasting relationships with our many prospective domestic and international clients, tenants, local government and the surrounding communities in which we conduct our business.
By balancing Vision and innovation with experience and integrity not only Grupo J but Villanueva Industrial Park has become the respected leader in Free Zone development and management throughout Central America.


The Mission of both Grupo J and Villanueva Industrial Park is to be one of the preeminent leaders in Free Zone development in Central America. Our success is the result of a commitment to strong leadership, solid operating performance, development of strong business relationships and the belief that knowledge of our ever changing industry together with the ability to commit substantial resources will ensure continued
success and growth.


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